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Melbourne Mobile Knife Sharpening Services and Pricing

Razer Sharp will come to you for all your sharpening requirements, both domestic and commercial.

Razer Sharp is a mobile sharpening service for domestic and commercial equipment and tools. We offer knife sharpening for individuals and businesses all around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

For our business clients, we cater to everyone, from cafes and restaurants to schools and workplaces. Razer Sharp sharpens all sorts of equipment and tools; Kitchen knives, scissors, juicer blades, chainsaws and more. Anything that requires sharpening, we can do it and we’ll do it with a smile!

Our customers have the added benefit of being instructed about the correct maintenance of their tools and equipment for prolonged lifespan and best use.

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Our sharpening services

Knife Sharpening

Scissor Sharpening

Secateur Sharpening

Chainsaw Sharpening

Chisel Sharpening

Plane Blade Sharpening

Juicer Blade Sharpening

Garden Sheers Sharpening

Shovel Sharpening

Axe Sharpening