About Razer Sharp Mobile Knife Sharpening
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The Razer Sharp Story

Razer Sharp is a mobile knife sharpening service for domestic and commercial equipment and tools such as butchers knives, kitchen knives, salon shears, scissors, clipper blades, chainsaws and more. Anything that requires sharpening, we can do it!

Alf McCartney | Owner of Razer Sharp

Alf McCartney is the owner of Razer Sharp Mobile Knife Sharpening

Razer Sharp is owned and operated by Alf McCartney who has been a butcher and boner for 35 years. He has also been a wood cutter for 6 years. Both these professions gave him an understanding of the importance of sharp utensils.

The McCartney family owned a meat processing company. Always being surrounded by knives and blades his entire life, he now makes a living with his mobile sharpening service and teaching others how to maintain their knives to make the most out of them.

"Working sharper is working smarter"

Why you need professional knife sharpening

  • • Water Cooled Sharpened knives last significantly longer, saving you money
  • • Sharp Knives help you work more efficiently. Working sharper is working smarter.
  • • Preventing strains and long-lasting injuries like RSI, Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis